That’s right, I have a fabulous MAN in my life…MAN(hattan) that is..and I’M IN LOVE! As you can probably imagine, this is certainly no ordinary love affair. However, who likes ordinary anyway? Unless it’s mixed with a little extra…and then some! That’s exactly what this new MAN is giving me. It’s the ordinary with a little extra, and then some. And the “some” (sum) is dependent on how much AWE(some) I allow myself to take in each day.

Over the past few months I have learned so many life lessons from this MAN. The big one being that the teacher isn’t the one who receives the apple, but IS the apple. It’s also the one who receives the apple that learns how to teach. The student is the one who takes a bite out of the apple each day, and savors the experience while enjoying the presence, and consistency of the lessons.

For many years I have imagined what it would be like to be in this relationship. Now that I’m in it, I have to say that it’s far greater than I envisioned. It is harder than I thought it would be, although dripping with a whole lot of ease. It’s sweeter than I anticipated, yet as sour as it can be if I’m not fully engaged in the process of being me…while relating to my MAN.

This MAN is teaching me how to be in the present; the moment of the NOW, while living the HOW. I used to just visualize the how, but now I’m living it…and loving it!

How does one leave a very comfortable life, family, friends, and the dream to follow the voice of the dreamer, and the great Creator? How, you ask? By looking straight ahead, side-to-side, up, and down…but mostly UP and IN. Why? Because this MAN will tell you who you are if you don’t yet know; and this MAN will show you what you need to know. Above all, you will see if you do know.

I am finding that I see the most when I am willing to know. The more I know, the less I see that is not me.

It’s no longer a fantasy of what could be or what should be. Instead, it’s a fantastic evolvement of what IS. As long as I am evolving, and exploring, then what I know is growing. If not, then what I grow is not.

With this MAN I can break in, break out, break down, break up…or choose to breakthrough! Love is everywhere when we choose to believe.

My breakthrough steps thus far in this relationship have been the following:

• Ask who instead of why
• Walk ahead instead of right or wrong
• Actively rest versus resting activity
• Say less and mean more, except when saying more is what you need to say
• Waiting is patience in practice
• Life doesn’t happen in the monumental, but in the moments that are happening each minute
• Look and you will see
• See and you will be
• The discovery isn’t something we seek then find; it’s something we are, then recognize
• Presence is the most powerful present
• This MAN is a great communicator when I listen with my vision, and and hear with my heart

Yep, it’s definitely true LOVE!